Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day One


This is Amy and Lissete. We want to start a blog about the happenings of El A (City of Angels.)  We felt that there isn't a website that lets us know of the amazing things El A has to offer, whether it's places that are known or places that only a few of us have the privilege to know.  El A has a lot of amazing events, fashion, food, landscapes, culture and personality.  We'd like to bring a little bit of everything that El A has to offer to you.  We'll be sharing locations, photographs and information about everything that we love about El A.
There's a lot of fun things to be done all around El A.  The plan is to bring it all to life for you through our posts and maybe get you there.  :)  We'll be sharing our experiences and favorites from El A.
Hope you guys follow!

--Amy and Lissete

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