Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sushi & Music!

Hello there!

Last night we had a very chill night.  We went to Kabuki in Hollywood for some sushi.  We LOVE sushi, it’s one of our favorite foods.  Kabuki is very reasonably priced and they have a rewards program that is very beneficial.  You get discounts for your birthday, your anniversary and for every certain period of time.  They start you off with some edamame as an appetizer and then you order your meal.  We opted for some sushi rolls and some seaweed salad.  It was a very nice dinner.  

After dinner, we headed over to Amoeba!  It’s such an amazing store.  We’re sure that you guys are familiar with it and for those of you that aren’t.. You have got to go over there! Our local El A store is located in Hollywood but there are also 2 other locations in California.  One is in Berkeley and the other is in San Francisco.  There are so many reasons to love this place.. First of all, they have just about every genre and different artists that you can think of.  They carry special edition, final print albums, and music boxes, which are good for collectors or simply really big fans.  Another awesome thing that Amoeba does is that they host free live mini concerts.  Some recent in-store shows have been: Ladytron, Lana Del Rey, Nada Surf, Ziggy Marley, Anthrax, Zola Jesus, Glen Campbell, and Girls.  We do recommend that if you want to go to a free show that you get there an hour before the show.  They get packed fast. They also employ very knowledgeable, musically inclined people that specialize in each specific genre that can help you find what you’re looking for.  It’s also really good because every season they put together a booklet with the employee’s top picks for each genre and also their top sellers per genre which is cool because you can find new music that you may not have otherwise found.  We don’t know about you guys but we like discovering new music and artists that we didn’t know about.  Not only do they sell music, but they also have a whole second floor dedicated to DVD’s and VHS’s.  Other cool finds are t-shirts, patches, posters, postcards, books, and vinyl’s.  And their website is really good too because it’s very direct and they offer free shipping in the US, not many places do that.. Their website also offers free downloads.

Current Scheduling
Some of the music isles


Octopus with a mustache (outside window)

We leave you with a video from Yuna, she will be doing the upcoming free show.

Until next time folks!

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