Friday, June 22, 2012

Venice... Why?

Good Morning!
Last night was the Venice Art Crawl and we gotta say.. . it was not fun.  Last month, Toms (one for one) hosted a party in unison with the Art Crawl and there was an art gallery next to the Tom's party.  The art gallery was really cool.  Yesterday, we walked around and around looking for a cool art gallery and we can't say we found one. The art galleries are scattered all over Venice and that is a problem because they are so far apart.  The event organizers should do something a little more consistent, distance wise.  It's a bummer to have to walk far just to go from one gallery to the next..

We were looking forward to the food trucks but the food truck's area was so far from any of the art galleries.  The worst part was that there were only 3 food trucks present and we weren't excited about any of the food they had to offer.  We recommend variety!  Sorry Venice Art Crawl food trucks!

Gas pumps by Jules Muck

This is some cool art we came across..
Until next time, el A folks!

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