Friday, June 15, 2012

Downtown Art Walk

Good Morning, folks!
Did anyone visit the Downtown El A Art Walk?
We did.
We went to the Downtown El A Art Walk and we spent majority of our time in the food truck section.  We love foooood.  Everything looked so delicious, we had a hard time choosing.  Finally, we settled for some lobster quesadillas and spicy tuna sushi roll.  For dessert, we shared a Speculoos N' Cream Liege with strawberries from Crispy Waffle & Frite, and it was super delicious. So good.. . yum, yum.
On top of the food trucks, there were some great vendors that were selling handmade stuff and, also, great artists selling their art at a decent price.
We then went to check out a few art galleries and a lot of the art was amazing!
Below you will find pictures of our adventures.
Hope you enjoy!

 A piece at the 1st art gallery that we went to.

Free Jarritos @ the Jarritos truck

Martini art piece

Food truck and vendor lot


Street art

Hanging flower

One of the live performers

Puppet show

Gummy bears and art

Downtown El A Police Station

Union Station and MTA Offices

Public phones inside of Union Station

Union Station

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