Thursday, June 14, 2012

Runyon Canyon

The Mulholland Entrance

Yoga class info

Yoga classo

Lissete working out

Part of the trail

Top view

Gloomy view

Hey folks!
Yesterday morning, we went hiking to Runyon Canyon in Hollywood.  We were hoping for a beautiful sunny morning but we got some June gloom, instead!  On top of Runyon Canyon being such a great hike, the park also offers yoga classes for a small donation, at your own discretion.  Above we've included the class schedule.  There's also plenty of rest benches along the way just in case you need a break or want to simply enjoy the views.  Once you complete the hike, there is a concession stand on the exit to Fuller street.  The concession has water bottles, snacks and doggy treats, all for $1.00 each. If you haven't already visited Runyon Canyon Park, we do recommend that you do so.  It's a great hike and it has great views of Hollywood and you can see a bit of El A, too.  Plus it's dog friendly.  Well, until next time.. Hope you guys have a great day!

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